Amebo” Girls wahala


When I was still in school, I met a lady in my 100level, we started a relationship and things were moving fine. We hardly quarrel until our 3rd year. She changed completely. From time to time, she will tell me “its over between us because am getting married soon”. The worst was that the person she showed me today will not be the one she will show me tomorrow. But whenever they dump her, she will run back to me. This happened till we left school, did our NYSC. Early last year, I called her to know how she was doing, she asked me not to be calling her that her fiancé(then) was jealous-type. That if she feels like chatting with me, she will be the one to call. I accepted. Friends told me to move on, which I later did. Ending of last year, she called and said she wants to come over to lagos where I reside which I refused. Now am about getting married and called her to invite her for my wedding. She has been cursing me & has vowed to ruin my wedding. Please friends did I do anything wrong in moving on and please what should I do to avoid any problem on my wedding day?

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