BBNaija: Cee C, Tobi, Alex, and Nina describe themselves in 14 words



In a chat with Ebuka Obi-Uchnedu, the four of the five finalists of the Big Brother Naija Double Wahala described themselves in 14 different words that will shock you.

Ebuka asked the ex-housemates to describe themselves in one word and words like trouble, attractive, insecure, drama and naive ranked top in the reality TV stars’ choices.

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Cee C, the reality show’s first runner up, was labeled ‘Trouble’ by Tobi, Alex, and Nina. Alex topped her description up with the word, ‘Insecure’.  

Tobi describes Cee C as troublesome while Cee C described Tobi as an attractive being after BBNaija [Talkgeria]

For Tobi, he was described as an ‘Attractive’ person by Cee C and as ‘Trouble’ by Alex, who said he brought nothing but trouble upon her.

Nina was dubbed a ‘Naive’ personality by Tobi and Alex while Cee C described her as a ‘Cute’ soul.

Here’s how Cee C, Tobi, Alex, and Nina described themselves.


Tobi Bakre believes Cee C is troublesome and Alex is emotional [Pulse]

Tobi described Cee C as ‘Trouble,’ Nina as ‘Naive,’ Alex as ‘Emotional,’ and Miracle as ‘Ambitious Gee’.

Cee C

Cee-C feels Tobi is attractive and Nina is cute. [Credit: Instagram/ CeeCOfficial]

Cee C described Tobi as ‘Attractive,’ Nina as ‘Cute,’ Miracle as ‘Nice,’ and Alex as ‘Drama’.


BBNaija’s Alex says Tobi is trouble for her while Cee C was first an insecure lady but later became troublesome. [Instagram/Alexofficial]

Alex described Cee C as ‘Trouble and Insecure’ Nina as ‘Naive,’ Tobi as ‘Trouble,’ and Miracle as a ‘Flirt and Friend’.


BBNaija ex-housemate, Nina says Cee C is troublesome and Miracle is just a companion. [Pulse]

Nina described Cee C as ‘Trouble,’ Alex as a ‘Big Baby,’ Tobi as a ‘Competitor,’ and Miracle as a ‘Companion’.

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