Eddie Ugbomah pleads for help over health challenge



Notable for his work, ‘Death of Black President,’ Ugbomah is currently bedridden in a private clinic in Lagos.

A Facebook post by Clementina Olomu on Wednesday, April 10 further validates the health challenge currently faced by Ugbomah.

Eddie Ugbomah is currently bedridden in a private hospital in the outskirts of Badagry [Facebook/Eddie Ugbomah]

Nigerians can role out millions to sponsor candidates for election, We can spend a huge amount for state and national burial. bit when it comes to saving lives, we look d other way. Here is a veteran filmmaker who has been critically I’ll in d last months. Chief Eddie Ugbomah needs us, He cannot afford his medical bills, need urgent treatment abroad. Is this how we will allow him to end???. Let’s all arise and yield his clarion call for help,” Olomu wrote with a picture of a bedridden Ugbomah.

The 78-year-old filmmaker has been reportedly lying helplessly in bed for nine months.

Corroborating Olomu’s call for help, head judge at AMAAwards, Shaibu Husseini said Ugboma is critically ill and needs urgent and sustained medical attention. 

Eddie Ugbomah is a foremost filmmaker with 13 celluloid films in his portfolio. [Facebook/Eddie Ugbomah]

Husseini further said that the medics at a private hospital in Ilogbo Eremi are no longer attending to Ugbomah who made 13 celluloid films because of unpaid hospital bills.

Ugbomah first called the nation’s attention to his frail health in October 2018 with revelations that he was suffering from high blood pressure and complications in his nerves.

Subsequently, Ugbomah was admitted into Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) in Idi-Araba area of Lagos courtesy the Nigerian Film Corporation (NFC). 

In January 2019, Ugbomah attempted to raise N50 million from the sale of his autobiography, ‘Eddie Ugbomah by Eddie’ to cover for his medical bills but it did not materialise.

A holder of the national honour of Order of the Niger (OON), Ugbomah’s works include ‘Rise and Fall of Oyenusi,’ ‘Oil Doom,’ ‘The Boy is Good,’ ‘Death of the Black President’ and ‘Apalara.’

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