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Femi Jacobs has inked a new deal to feature on a new TV show, ‘Jacobs’ Barbershop.’

Pulse was reliably informed that ‘The Meeting‘ star signed the contract papers with Tikwatura Push Company to be the host of the TV show format.

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Speaking to Pulse exclusively on the new TV show, Jacobs said he was excited about the TV show format because it is uniquely different.


“I accepted to be part of this because it was very unique, absolutely. When I heard the format, I have never seen something like that before, it aligns with my aspiration and except you don’t have a conscience, or care about what is going on in the country, you would wish you could speak and ask the leader the real questions.


“So the format is done in such a way that anybody that comes, we assume that person is my friend visiting my barbershop and once they come in, I start the questioning. This is aside the regular drama and banters with my staff at the barbershop. The show is recorded every other week so that the content and discourse remain fresh and relevant to the people and audience at large,” Femi said.


A scene from Jacobs’ Barbershop (Gbenga Bada/Pulse)


Jacobs’ Barbershop

‘Jacob’ Barbershop’ revolves around an upscale barbershop filled with barbers and customers with very opinionated views about topical issues. The show is spiced with appearance of celebrity guests with each new episode.


Members of Jacobs barbershop cast (Gbenga Bada/Pulse)


The intersection of the characters’ daily lives at the Barbershop and how it mirrors the Nigerian experience at large provides the basis for engagement and draws the audience to live vicariously through these unique and fully developed characters as they go about their activities in the barbershop with their often funny shenanigans.

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