Rukky Sanda playing with a live snake is the scariest video you would see today



The beautiful actress took to her Instagram page on Sunday, April 7, 2019, where she shared a video of herself with a Cobra wrapped around her neck. Obviously, it was for a photo shoot but trust us when we say Rukky Sanda didn’t look one bit scared!

“👀he said wear it like this… wear it like this… 🐍Like it was a DRESS***👗rotfl😂😂😂➰〰then he goes perfect👌 Lol! he really was only trying to get the best pi & he did#naturesgirl” she captioned the video.

Let’s just say Rukky Sanda is one bold young lady as not so many people can try this activity. Just like the time, Davido had a snake wrapped around his neck and he got terrified about it.

Davido screams in fear when snake was hung on his neck

Davido screams in fear when snake was hung on his neck [Instagram/DavidoOfficial]

Back in 2015, Davido got a lot of people laughing on social media after his reaction when a sleeping snake wrapped around his neck woke up.

The music star was in Miami with his 30 Billion Gang crew and got terrified when the unexpected happened. Fascination quickly turned to fright when it was discovered the Boa hanging from his neck was not asleep as he thought.

Its movement sent the pop star into a panic, making him call out for help. The snake trainer had to hurriedly remove the reptile from his neck when his cries were becoming frantic.


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