Toni Tones calls out Skuki’s Peeshaun for calling women weak who address themselves as king



This might not be a celebrity fight but it looks like Toni Tones isn’t finding funny Skuki’s Peeshaun’s comment about women being weak for addressing themselves as kings.

Peeshaun had taken to his Instagram page on Sunday, January 13, 2019, where he posted a comment about women for not being satisfied with being called queens but now want to be addressed as kings.

“Some women are not satisfied with such a perfect title as QUEEN (a title that totally depicts POWER and COMPOSURE) They want to be called KING. When a woman starts calling herself King- it doesn’t prove she’s strong, it shows she’s WEAK!” he wrote.

Between Peeshaun and Toni Tones[Instagram/SkukiPeeshaun]

It didn’t take long before Toni Tones stormed his comments section to call him out over the comments. In her response, she wondered why he was bothered about women deciding to call themselves whatever name they felt like addressing themselves.

Peeshaun gets called out by Toni Tones over comments attributed to women [Instagram/SkukiPeesdhaun]

“Leave people to call themselves what they want Skuki. Anybody calling themselves king does not make them weak. That is your personal opinion. Why are you personally so bothered by what people choose to call themselves? That is the real question. And I’ll give you a quick lesson, initially all Rulers were called king, male or female… the wives of kings were called queens and that title filtered through. But initially, anyone who ruled was called ‘King’. Stop fueling unnecessary fires, please. Allow people to live their lives how they want. Stop policing women. Police your fellow men, they need it more than we do. Thanks,” she replied.

Well, we hope these bants ends starts and ends on social media without it deteriorating into a messy celebrity rift. However, guys, what do you think? Was Peeshuan right? Or was Toni Tones making more sense?

Toni Tones The Nation 2

We all know Peeshuan to be the very vocal member of the group Skuki, as we can recall the time he took a fan to the cleaners after he tried to shame him over his jacket and the number of times he had worn it.

Peeshaun calls out fan who made mockery of his jacket

Peeshaun of Skuki

Peeshaun of the music group, Skuki called out a fan who accused the singer of repeating a jacket. A fan of the musician who probably thought he was doing Peeshaun a favor got what he didn’t bargain for as the artist gave him the insult of his life.

Peeshaun hold first ever relationship seminar

” You wore this jacket in August. u’re wearing it again in sept #smh,” pointed the fan.

Peesshaun replied “This jacket cost me 429.99 pounds (270,000), and you expect me to wear it only once? Ogun kee you!” As hilarious as this might sound, he sure did have a point, you can wear whatever you like at any time.


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